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"I tapped her on the shoulder earlier on and just said ‘Hey.’ She said ‘Hey.’ We hugged and she says ‘Let’s do this. Let’s Rock this tonight.’ We’re family, no matter what. And we all love each other, no matter what. It’s a lot bigger than a paragraph or a picture. It’s real. So it was a reunion, and we were there for Kurt. It was a beautiful night. It was good.” - Dave Grohl on Courtney Love during Nirvana’s Rock Hall, 2014.
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[on shooting the infamous scene in The Seven Year Itch, where wind from the subway beneath blows her dress up]
"At first it was all innocent and fun, but when Billy Wilder kept shooting the scene over and over the crowd of men kept on applauding and shouting, ‘More, more Marilyn - let’s see more.’ Joe [DiMaggio] became upset, especially when the director’s camera kept coming in, focusing only on my vagina. Luckily I had been wearing two pairs of panties, hoping no pubic hair would show through. The whistles and the yelling from the male audience became too much for my husband. It was like a burlesque show. What was to be a fun scene turned into a sex scene."
-Marilyn Monroe
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this is a real-life photo and they probably are christiane, stella and babsi. anybody knows where could i find this photo in larger size/better quality?
I will die soon, I know that. But I haven’t missed out on anything in my life. I am fine with it. So this isn’t what I’d recommend: this isn’t the best life to live, but it’s my life. - Christiane F.  (via bruisingfetish)
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